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Consultations about child support for specially abled children


There are various considerations to evaluate during divorce proceedings involving children, especially when your child has special needs. The cost of medical care is significantly higher for the specially abled child than a typical child. The child often needs support  past the age of majority.  All these factors affect the amount of support that is payable and the length of time it is to be given. Various factors must be considered while determining the cost of child support, including education, medical care, the income of the custodial parent, and more. Spousal support, if payable,  may be adjusted upwards to address the needs of the custodial parent looking after the special needs child due to the fact that participation in the workplace to his or her optimum level may not be possible.

Determining an appropriate level of child support can be complicated as there are various factors that affect the cost of care for special needs children. Our child support lawyers, Kirsten J. Madsen and Brenda Kaine can assist people in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, and surrounding areas who are seeking to protect the interests of their child/children with special needs.

If you are worried about making sure your specially abled child gets quality care, we can help put your mind at ease. To learn more about your legal options, schedule a consultation today.


We can help!

We seek to protect the interrests of the child

with special needs.

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