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Collaborative Divorce

Avoid Court - Protect Relationships - Conflict Resolution


Collaborative approach is a no court approach to separation and divorce.  the collaborative divorce is a respectful approach to resolving family disputes by supporting both sides through the stress and uncertainty of separation and divorce. 

Kirsten Madsen is a certified collaborative family lawyer and has appeared as counsel at hundreds of mediations and arbitrations, she understands the value of alternative dispute resolution methods such as the collaborative approach.  Kirsten  has also served as a facilitator for the “Parenting After Separation” course provided by the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia. 


The Collaborative approach:


Legal Aspects of the Collaborative approch:

  • No court - the main goal of the collaborative approach besides coming to acceptable agreement is to avoid court.

  • Avoidance of argumentative threatening escalations - The goal is to focus on a fair and equitable outcome.

  • The collaborative approach uses effective problem - solving techniques to resolve sticking points to moving forward.

  • Emotional support is part of the process and counselling is encouraged for all impacted by the separation.

  • Family needs come before court requirements.


  • Avoiding court allows for timely sharing of financial information - no formal measure to force disclosure.

  • Lays-out unique financial situations to be discussed instead of rulled upon by a judge.

  • Guides you to choose the best financial options for the future.

  • Greatly reduces legal costs and helps to preserve assets.

Psychological and Emotional Impact to the Family:

  • Minimizes stress.

  • Creates a cooperative environment where each persons needs are heard.

  • Negotiation process is flexible.

  • Well-being of children's psychological impacts put first.

  • Allows for more control in both process and outcome of the divorce resolution.

  • Fosters respectful relationships after separation.

Our collaborative divorce lawyers focus on getting the best possible results for our clients in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. Call us today to learn more about a collaborative approach to conflict resolution for separation and divorce.


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