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Nanaimo's Child Custody & Family Lawyers


Nanaimo child custody lawyers. Having children and going through a divorce or separation is extremely stressful however the most important part of your separation will be the decisions you make about your childrens care.  The childrens well-being and best interest for care, growth and development must come first, this may mean collaborating with your children’s other parent to limit potential suffering as much as possible during this difficult time.

Park Place Family Lawyers in Nanaimo will help you with the difficult decisions and issues regarding your children such as:

  • Child Custody, where will your children's primary residence will be,  who will make life decision such as education, health and religion. 

  • Access, What should be the  level of access, or contact with noncustodial parents?

  • Child support, provided by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent for the care of their children.

Types of custody arrangements:

  • Sole custody: The child lives only with one of the parents, that parent has the responsibility for his or her care including making all major decisions about his or her upbringing.

  • Shared custody: Both parents are involved in the care and responsibility for the child.

  • Joint custody: Parents share decision making with respect to major decisions in the child’s life such as religion, health, education.

  • Split custody: If there is more than one child, each parent has custody of at least one child.

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