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Most divorces are granted by the Court on a no- fault ground. If all the issues in your case are worked out by consent, your divorce can be obtained without the necessity of a court appearance. This involves the preparation of a number of documents which are submitted via the Court Registry.

It is important to have a settlement of all pertinent issues in your case before applying for a divorce Order. This includes coming to terms about parenting arrangements for children , support and property division.

On July 1, 2020 a new Divorce Act  will come into effect in Canada. Our lawyers are up to speed with the upcoming changes to this federal law and can explain to you what it means for your individual case.

The procedure for getting a Divorce Order is outlined for you in your initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

Child Custody

A divorce can also result in child custody complications – both emotionally and legally. Child custody and parenting time are based on a child’s best interest. It also depends upon each parent’s work schedule, his/her relationship with the child, and the child’s medical or special needs. Our family lawyers will help you understand the legal options and advice on what might be the best solution for your situation. Reach out to us for any queries.

Canadian Divorce Act Updated March 1st 2021 



Talk to us at Park Place Law regarding parenting time and decision making responsibilities as updated in the March 1 2021 Canadian Divorce Act.


The new updated 2021 Divorce Act also refers to rights of a person who is not the child's parent, such as a grandparent.  These are called applications for a contact order.


Book a consultation about your family dynamics and how the updated Canadian divorce act applies to your situation.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

We offer professional legal opinion and support for your divorce decisions.

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