Spousal Support Facts

Learn the important facts about spousal support.

Spousal Support Negotiators in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island

In the event of separation, it is important that you and your spouse meet daily needs and continue to live to your full potential. Spousal support law ensures that both parties have economic stability after a separation or divorce. Park Place Law will help you through the complex, emotional aspect of your separation or divorce. You will get expert, strategic counsel from our experienced spousal support lawyers in Nanaimo and surrounding areas.

Assessing Spousal Support

Eligibility to spousal support is based on your specific marriage and financial circumstances. Once entitlement to spousal support is determined, the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are used to suggest appropriate ranges of financial support.  These guidelines are used by judges when they decide issues of  spousal support.

When assessing the amount and duration of spousal support, various factors come into play. Namely:

  • Income of both parties

  • Property held

  • Debt of each party

  • Duration of the marriage

  • Child care responsibilities

  • Previously written agreements about spousal support

  • And more

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Spousal Support Assessment Can Be Complicated

Proper legal advice is to be sought before making spousal support agreements.