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Mediation is a process whereby a separating couple meet with a neutral party who facilitates a balanced settlement.

This option is being chosen more and more by separating couples because of its advantages over litigation, which will result in a court-imposed settlement. Because just one lawyer is involved with both parties, this is less costly due to lower lawyer fees. It also causes less animosity than does litigation.  Under the new Family Law Act a judge may order that a separating couple attend mediation.

In mediation both parties would meet either with Brenda or Kirsten, each a  certified family law mediator, to discuss the needs of each individual in terms of  (if there are children involved) a parenting plan. Division of assets and spousal support (if required) also must be addressed.

Once a mediation session is booked, we provide a kit which includes information on how to present the relevant information that the mediator needs to get started.

When a couple comes to an agreement, we would then draft a Separation Agreement, which rules of the Law Society necessitate that each party take to his or her own lawyer for independent legal advice.

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