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Nothing is more important to a separating couple than the consideration of how to lessen the impact of the breakdown of the parental relationship on the children.

The needs of the children need to be addressed in terms of  the parents’ capacities to consider the best interests of the children before considering their own.

The terms ‘custody’, ‘guardianship’, and ‘access’  are often not well understood. According  to the new Family Law Act, parenting arrangements will not be dealt with in these terms, but, rather, it uses the terms ‘parenting time’ and ‘parenting responsibilities’ to determine what is in the best interests of the child or children.

The goal is to implement an arrangement that works best for the child or children.  Increasingly,  such an arrangement is referred to as a ‘Parenting Plan’.

Our clients will also be made aware of resources in the community that exist to help parents and children adjust to a new family reality of parents living separately.

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